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Hosting CRM

For anyone that has ever worked with CRM understands it is not the easiest technology to deploy. It integrates with other applications and is becoming a must-have for sales organizations. Where there’s difficulty, comes opportunity for SPLA providers.

CRM for Microsoft SPLA has a few new flavors to align with CRM Online. Similar to Lync, SharePoint, and Exchange, each one comes with different functionality. The flavors under SPLA are the following: CRM Service Provider Edition (it’s the Professional Edition for hosted environments), CRM Essentials (formerly ESS), and CRM Basic (Formerly CRM limited). The actual SKU’s are listed below. For a complete summary of the differences, please check the SPUR, I also found this article on the CRM Online website (CRM Online)

QHH-00028 Dynamics CRM Service Provider Edition
QHH-00089 Dynamics Basic
QHH-00090 Dynamics CRM Essentials

From a licensing perspective, it is licensed by user (SAL) and does require SQL and Windows. Check out my other posts around those offerings and licensing guidance. What’s interesting about CRM is it does not require the service provider to be Dynamics authorized as is the case with Great Plains and other Dynamics offerings. As indicated at the beginning, CRM does require expertise (especially hosting it) but can be very profitable. Once you deploy CRM, you can add other solutions such as Exchange and SharePoint to be a one stop shop for hosted solutions. To install CRM, the license key code will be embedded in the software. Download the media from the VLSC website (see “License Keys and Media” post). It’s a pretty thick file, be patient.

If you have a CRM offering, would love to learn more about it. Hit me up on LinkedIn at the top right of this screen.

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How To Download SPLA Media and License Keys

You signed a SPLA agreement…now what?

When you sign a new SPLA, you will receive an acceptance notification from Microsoft via email.  This will be sent to the notices and/or primary contact on your agreement. The acceptance notification typically has the following in the subject line “Microsoft SPLA Acceptance Notice” It is sent from an unmanaged alias  You should receive a hardcopy of the SPLA agreement signed by Microsoft via courier .  Keep this for your records, it has your enrollment number and other relevant information.

All that being said, if you still have questions the good news is your browser/search engine directed you to the right place…this post!  To download media and license keys please go to  This is the Volume Licensing Services Center (VLSC) website where everyone with a signed SPLA will have access.  You will need to log in with your email, follow the online steps, and you should be good to go.  One issue that comes up quite frequently is the person attempting to log in to the site does not have online administrative rights.  If you have this issue, please reach out to the primary contact on your agreement.  If you are the primary contact and do not have access, the odds are there’s an error somewhere in the system.  More times than not, the email address used on your agreement was inserted incorrectly.  Check your agreement to verify.  If this is the case, reach out to your reseller who can assist.  If everything checks out correctly and you still do not have access, please reach out to the VLSC directly either by email – or by phone 866-230-0560.  Please include your enrollment number. (found on your SPLA or ask your reseller).  I found this guide to be helpful.  (download VLSC guide) if you have questions.

If you are in the middle of completing an agreement, think about who in your organization you would like to be the online administrator (the one that has authorization and provides others in your organization access).  This will help eliminate future issues!

Keep in mind some products do not have license keys (keys will be embedded in the media) – Exchange, SQL, and CRM are examples.  RDS licenses will require you to enter your enrollment number, not a license key.

Hope this helps!

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