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Pop Quiz!!!!

After several years of writing about SPLA, it’s time to test your knowledge.  Get all the answers right and you win something nice, like another free article! I would post the answers here, but in reality they already are.  You just need to read the other blog posts 🙂 Email me and I will tell you if you are right or if you are wrong  So let’s get started.


  • One day a man walked up to me and said he has Project Server installed so his consultants (his employees) can collaborate with their clients (non employees) to make sure the work is completed in a timely manner.  Should this be SPLA?
  • One day a woman walked up to me and said flatteringly “SPLA Man, you’re even cuter than the poetic wisdom you share on your blog.”  Ok…she didn’t say that.  She did ask me a question about using a datacenter provider.  She had a datacenter with a bunch of servers, but unfortunately her husband took it in the divorce.  She contacted Joe’s hosting, who offered to run the SPLA applications on their infrastructure.  She would still control all the licensing, Joe’s Hosting is just providing shared infrastructure.  She is reporting Windows by processor, SQL by core, and Exchange user licenses.  Is this legal?
  • John has a customer satisfaction issue (he also is quite flatulent, especially after lunch and around women. Customer satisfaction should be the least of his problems).  His customer just got audited and they claim they were given wrong advice from John about license mobility.  John told them years ago that to qualify for license mobility, they must purchase software assurance. The customer did.  He also told them they should use the disaster recovery rights that come with software assurance in John’s datacenter.  The customer did.  Auditors tell him he was wrong.  John say’s he was right and to let the courts decide.   You are the judge…so who is right?
  • One day I took a drive in the country and noticed a bunch of farms.  This got me thinking…If I have a server farm in Hawaii and another in New York, does this qualify for license mobility within server farms?
  • My Grandmother used to say “The SPLA program only exists because of a 3 word sentence in the PUR.”  What are those 3 words?
  • A secretary almost blew a gasket the other day when he noticed his email account is not working.  He called his hoster, the hoster called his reseller yelling “My Email Server is down, I want to use my support instance that comes with my SPLA agreement.”  Do hosting providers get support instances with their SPLA agreement?
  • Rich’s mind was somewhere else.  He was on his honeymoon but for some reason he could only think about his SPLA agreement.  It was up for renewal at the end of the month.  He understands that when he signs a new agreement, he could no longer report SQL 2008 by processor, even though he is still running SQL 2008.  He must license by core.  Is he correct?
  • Bill lost his copy of the latest edition of the SPUR.  No big deal, the new one isn’t relevant because he is bound by the SPUR that’s active the month his agreement is active.  Is this true?
  • Fred received an audit notification.  He threw it in the trash and went on his way.  Good idea?  (hint…it sounds like “snow” but without the “s” sound)
  • Bridgett refuses to report her next SPLA usage report.  She yells at her reseller because they will not process her last month’s report.  The reseller tells her time and time again it is on credit hold, she needs to pay her bill.  If she reports the next month’s usage, she knows her reseller won’t report it because of credit issues.  Microsoft calls her telling her she needs to report her usage.   She reports the usage, just can’t pay her bill.  Her beef isn’t with Microsoft, it’s between her and her reseller.  Who is at fault? I will tell you the answer to this question.  Pay the bill 🙂

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