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Third Party Software and SPLA…Not a want…it’s a Need.

Have you deployed third-party software and host it (provide it as a service) to your end customers?  What is third-party software?  Any software that you did not develop but license from another vendor.

Kcura is a great example.  Kcura is a third-party software in which nine times out of 10 is provided as a service to legal firms and other entities. These legal firms are non employees of the company licensing kcura software; or in other words – hosting the software.  That’s all fine but what about the Microsoft software that’s used to deploy Kcura?  How do you license that?  In walks are friend SPLA.

To be clear – SPLA is the only program that allows hosting of Microsoft software to non-employees for any application that you do not own.  If you are “hosting” third-party software and use Microsoft technology to deploy it…guess what?  You need to sign a SPLA agreement.  What happens if you don’t?   Email me and let me tell you –  Compliance team reached out to you?  I can help you there too.

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