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The “Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement Review”

Did you receive an email about an “internal self-assessment”?  Is this an audit?

I wouldn’t say this is an audit, but it is something you should seek advice.  Microsoft does have the right to verify usage reporting.  compliance, and enforce all underreported licenses are paid for (at a premium)  Sounds exciting, right?

Good news is this is a self-assessment.  You know what is being delivered, how it is being accessed, and when the servers and/or users were deployed.  This information is critical to understanding your datacenter environment and how you should be reporting.

Why I think you should seek advice is to be informed.  The last thing you want to happen is to have this self-assessment turn into a full audit.  Make sure to understand your reporting, your risks, and be comfortable with the data presented.   Assessments are not always bad, on one hand it can provide you with an overview of what is installed and how you should be properly billing your end users.  On the other, don’t let this lead to a full audit.

We do have a team that can assist with expertise in understanding SPLA environments, assessments, and audit processes.  Let’s eliminate risk before it becomes a risk.  Please email to learn more.

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New Licensing Terms for Dedicated Hosts

Microsoft announced yesterday changes to their licensing terms for dedicated hosted cloud services.  You can read about the article here

In summary, starting October 1, 2019, licenses purchased with an on-premise agreement (Volume Licensing that did not include Software Assurance)  cannot be deployed with a dedicated host from a “Listed Provider”.  Listed Provider includes Microsoft, Alibaba, AWS, and Google.  Windows Server, (purchased with SA or not) does not have mobility rights.  Azure Hybrid Use Benefit is still available which is probably the main reason for this change.  A customer who purchased Windows Datacenter license without SA could have deployed an AWS dedicated host and still have unlimited virtualization rights.  Azure HUB did not provide the same benefit.  Fast forward to October 1, 2019 and an end customer cannot have the same benefit of running unlimited VMs on a dedicated host if deployed through a Listed Provider datacenter.   Also consider MSDN, Windows 10, and Office.  None of which has mobility rights.  This makes the QMTH addendum that much more important.

Here’s the good news, it does not apply to other providers (yet).  If you are a SPLA partner not included on this list, educate your customers on their different deployment options.  There is a FAQ guide posted on the above link.  If you have questions, please email

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