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Dyreport for Dynamics No More

For those partners that were hosting Dynamics will no longer receive revenue recognition for SPLA or ISV programs FY 19.  Is this another move to Dynamics 365 Online?

“The reason for this change was driven by cost consideration and the manual nature of this process” says a Microsoft source.   “Very few partners will be impacted by the removal of Dynamics in SPLA.”

I guess on one hand, Dynamics has always been a complex solution to license.  Dynamics partners demanded licensing resources from their SPLA Reseller, SPLA Reseller demanded Dynamics resources from Microsoft, ultimately leaving the SPLA partner weeks without an answer.  On the other hand, is this just a motive to migrate to Dynamics 365?

If incentives are dropping in one program but offered in another, I would argue the answer to that question is yes.  Microsoft does not pay for something they don’t want to promote.  “This is frustrating.  If we no longer have the ability to report our SPLA, why report it at all” says one SPLA Dynamics partner who asked to be named anonymously.  If you license SPLA, you are still required to report it to your SPLA Reseller.  That part is not changing.  What is changing is the second usage report Dynamics would send to Microsoft for revenue recognition.

What do you do?  If you can’t beat them join them and offer Dynamics through CSP?  Maybe, but if you already have a datacenter and customized solutions built on Dynamics, CSP is not always the answer.

New developments are always being introduced.  If you have a question, utilize our forum.

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Windows and SQL Server Subscription

Microsoft announced (July 2018) that Server Subscriptions will be available through the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP). According to the July 2018 Product Terms the products available include:

SQL Server Enterprise Core

SQL Server Standard Core

Windows Server Standard

Windows Server CAL

Windows Server External Connector

Windows Right Management CAL

Windows Server AD Rights Management External Connector

Notice Windows Datacenter is not an option currently. The benefit of Windows Datacenter is the unlimited virtualization rights or maybe CSP is marketed to smaller organizations could be the reasoning why Datacenter is not included.

There are two deployment options available – On-Premise/Dedicated environments or Azure. Although Software Assurance is not included, there are certain SA type benefits that are included such as self-hosted rights, hybrid use rights, and latest version rights.

What is CSP?

CSP is Microsoft’s new channel program that allows partners to manage and provide Online Services to their end customers. There are two models: CSP Direct – Which the reseller has a direct relationship with Microsoft to resell Microsoft Online Services to their end users. CSP Indirect – A partner leverages another solution provider’s authorization to resell Microsoft Online Services. In both models, the Server Subscription Service is available.

Things to remember

Once you deploy in Azure, the Windows Server licenses may not be redeployed on premise for 90 days. Secondly, the base instance is covered but not any other Azure cost such as storage, compute, and I/O associated with its use of the services. (Source: July 2018 Product Terms)

What does this mean for SPLA?

I think it is a clear indication Microsoft wants every organization on CSP as oppose to SPLA. However, in a shared server environment SPLA is still the only option. Microsoft does allow organizations to use a third-party datacenter provider under the new CSP subscription program, but it must be 100% dedicated.

To learn more check out this new forum and document library at

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