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See ya 2017! Upcoming changes for and Microsoft SPLA

Happy New Year to all my followers, partners, and readers.  It has definitely been a year of transformation for Microsoft and the cloud community.  2017 has also been a big year for  Here are some of the highlights of 2017 and upcoming announcements for 2018!

  • had over 150k unique visitors in 2017.  To put this in perspective, I had 3k visitors in 2014.  Which I guess is good but bad that there’s some much confusion over licensing.
  • The number one topic with the most views?  “How to License Exchange”
  • Microsoft announced major price increases in 2018 (starting February for January usage)
  • Not all SPLA Resellers are created equal.  Make sure your pricing is accurate. You can email to review.
  • I am creating a forum and easy to read white papers for  If you have any recommendations or topics let us know.
  • Microsoft is transforming SPLA to CSP.  Surprise!   Many resources are moving away from SPLA to focus on Azure. will not be 100% Microsoft focused but cloud focused.  (including Google, AWS, and other publishers).
  • I  am launching a charity called “Mow Down Cancer” to help families with their lawn care and other household needs while their child is going through cancer treatments.
  • Last, my family bought a cat in 2017.  I think I would rather read the SPUR than deal with a cat (although she has grown on me).  The things we do for our kids.  Maybe I should go by “Cat Man”.

Thanks for reading and here’s to a prosperous 2018!




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