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Biggest mistake a service provider makes in an audit in 2021

  • Not keeping track of end customer licenses. Your sellers need to remind your customers of license mobility. Yes, your customer may have active software assurance when they first bring licenses into your datacenter, they have to maintain software assurance. It does expire.
  • Office 365. Hosting O365 without QMTH on shared infrastructure. Don’t do it.
  • Not having rules in place that prohibits and engineer from installing whatever they want to install. Your engineer installs SQL Enterprise out of convenience but you thought it was SQL Standard. Guess what? You owe for SQL Enterprise.
  • Reporting usage just to report usage. Reporting needs to used as business intelligence. In the above example, if you report incorrectly, you are not charging your customers correctly.
  • Not having a tool in place to help support and track your licenses. Check out

If you are going through an audit, reach out to us. I know the audit process well and our team can help!

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