Should I be licensed under SPLA (part 3 of 3)

12 Sep

This is continuation of part 1 and part 2 .

Mike woke up later that evening, head pounding from the swift kick the auditor laid upon him.  He hollered for his butler to provide him with a warm towel but no one answered.  He was alone.  He sat quietly for a moment, reflecting on the words the auditors told him…SPUR; Self-Hosted; Not-Eligble; 12.5 million.  His head felt like it was going to explode.

He walked outside to catch some air.  In the distance he couldn’t help but notice the sun as it quickly faded into the night leaving behind a beautiful sunset.  As pretty as it was, it couldn’t change how he felt, absolutely miserable.

He started to walk towards the end of the patio to go nowhere in particular.  He again looked up at the sky, but in doing so tripped over a can of gasoline that was left out from the gardener.  “Dammit Mr. Belvedere” Mike muttered under his breath.

Mike was very tense that evening, and nothing would calm his stress faster than a nice Cuban cigar.  He flicked his lighter and started puffing away.  He felt his stress level drop, his mood started to change.  Perhaps, he thought, he was too hard on the auditors.  Maybe there was truth into what they were saying.  Although he claimed he read the PUR, he actually just skimmed it.   “I should have licensed this under SPLA” Mike muttered.  “If I only would’ve asked for advice, if I only would’ve read my life would be totally different.”  Tomorrow, he thought, he would call the auditors to apologize, but not that night.  It was getting late, he had to get some sleep.  Mike tossed the cigar on the ground and went inside.

The billows of smoke could be seen for miles.  Neighbors called the fire department.  Smoke and fire started to roar throughout the mansion.  Mike, who was downstairs, noticed the flames first.  He yelled quickly for Rachel, but no one responded.  “She must be out shopping,” Mike shouted to himself.  He ran out of the house about the same time an explosion could be heard from the kitchen.  The smell of gas filled the air.  This was bad…real bad.

Mike ran as quickly as he could away from the house.   Meanwhile, the butler happened to be pulling in the driveway, and immediately stopped the car and started to run towards the house.  “Rachel!!!”  He shouted vociferously.  Mike hollered back “She’s out shopping you idiot!”   The butler turned around, glared at Mike for a moment with a stare of pure hatred, and continued to run inside the burning house.

Smoke was everywhere.  The butler tried to cover his mouth with the sleeve of his shirt to no avail.  He was hacking, and struggling for air but his will to find Rachel continued.  He ran through the living room, he ran through the family room, and continued up the stairs.  Finally, a body could be seen in the hallway, it was Rachel.

“Rachel!”  He shouted again.  There was no response.  He picked her up and quickly ran out of the house.  He laid her on her back and was about to perform CPR when her eyes opened, and met his.  “You’re ok”  He said softly.  She coughed briefly as she laid in his arms.  Her body limp, but she was coherent.

“You saved my life…Mr. Belvedere.”  She said through a smile.  The butler smiled back…”Please, call me SPLA Man.”

The End


“The jury finds Mr. Michael Torro …guilty on all charges.”  Mike started to cry.  Rachel, holding  her newborn daughter “Belvie” smiled from ear to ear.  Her husband, the butler, gave her a hug and a kiss.  “I’m glad it’s over.”

The morning newspaper featured the story “Local software developer found guilty on all insurance fraud charges.”   There was a picture of Mike being handcuffed.  It was determined that Mike set the fire on purpose in hopes of collecting an insurance check to pay off the auditors.  No Cloud EMR, no house, and no wife.  Mike was broke.

Rachel knew all along Mike was out of compliant, Mike was just too ignorant to notice.   She concluded the only way Mike would change was if he got audited.  Maybe Rachel was right, Mike did change, only it was too late.

Moral of the story?  Pay attention to the licensing…it can cost you.

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The Real – SPLA Man!

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One response to “Should I be licensed under SPLA (part 3 of 3)

  1. Anand

    September 13, 2015 at 12:52 am

    Great story SPLAMAN!!! specially liked the portion “if I only would’ve read my life would be totally different.” Jokes apart can you throw some more light on the self hosted stuff…seems to be interesting to know about…Thanks..Anand.


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