Should I be licensed under SPLA? ( Part 1 of 3)

29 Aug

The mist of the morning dew had yet to penetrate the ground and already Mike Torro was 3 miles into his run.  It was his favorite time of day – quiet and peaceful, with just the sound of his thoughts that echoed throughout his mind.  It was Saturday, and in a couple short hours the weekend warriors (as Mike likes to call them) will be huffing and puffing, crowding the small path around Johnson’s Lake.  Nothing new this day, just another weekend like all the rest,or so Mike thought.

When the mail came that afternoon, his butler handed him an envelope.  One thing I forgot to tell you about Mike, he’s loaded wealthy.  He owns a large healthcare organization that hosts EMR software to doctor’s and other healthcare facilities.  He installs it on his servers, but doesn’t use it for internal use, everything is external.  He leases the software from another company.  He calls it “Cloud EMR”  He was so proud of the title; his wife called it unoriginal.

Mike took the envelope from his butler’s hand with a smile and said arrogantly  “Thank you Mr. Belvedere.”  What an insult.  Is it not enough he has to wait on this guy night and day, he has to get mocked and called “Mr. Belvedere” after some 1980’s sitcom?  Once he left the room he made ugly faces behind Mike’s back.  Mike’s wife saw it from a distance and smiled softly if not seductively.

Mike thumbed through the stack of mail and noticed a letter with “Software Audit Notification” stamped across the front of it.  The return address was from a large audit firm.  Mike’s business was being audited.

Stay tuned for Part 2

Questions to ponder until Part 2…

What reason(s) could Mike’s “Cloud EMR” solution be audited?

If you were in Mike’s shoes, what would be your first reaction if you received an audit notification?

If you were the butler, what would you do to Mike if someone would called you “Mr. Belvedere”?


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