Wake Up SPLA Providers…It’s time to change your thinking.

21 Feb

You might have heard the rumor that Windows 10 Upgrade license and the rental PC addendum is no longer part of SPLA.  Yep , that part is true.  If you want to know more just shoot me an email

Why is Microsoft doing this?   If I knew half the reasons why Microsoft does what they do I would be wealthier than Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates combined.

But Microsoft doesn’t just give stuff away for free.  They still make money from the OEM manufactures and they still make money from SPLA.  For OEM, it’s pretty easy to understand.  In the rental PC business?  You still need an OEM or at least some type of license in order to have Windows 10.  But for SPLA, the revenue from Windows PC will hit hard.  In my opinion, the only way to make up that difference is through SPLA audits and other programs.

Thats the bigger issue here.  I just wrote a blog about saving money (without really answering how to save money).  What I’ve witnessed in my 10+ years of managing SPLA, service providers are way too concerned about Office 365 and far less concerned about how to optimize their own usage report. They may think they are 100% compliant and that there is no other way to reduce their costs, but I assure you there are.

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know I am an advocate for the service provider as oppose to being an advocate for the vendor.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Microsoft and value what they are doing.  As a very large shareholder (5 shares) I respect the mobile/cloud thing.  BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t win at SPLA.

Here are top 5 ways to win at SPLA.

  1. SQL Mobility
  2. Don’t renew at the time of expiration.
  3. License Mobility
  4. Sign a SPLA with me.
  5. Leverage Datacenter Outsourcers to your advantage.
  6. SPLA Audits
  7. CIS
  8. SQL Enterprise

If you don’t know what the above means, email me and we can go through it 1-1.   There’s 8 ways off that bat to save money. I under promised and over delivered already!!

Now you may be thinking you are 100% happy with your reseller.  If that’s the case, why are you reading   I will make a friendly bet with you…If you are hosting any Office 365 products (Exchange, Skype, SharePoint, Office) or even IaaS and I cannot think of one way to save you 10% off your monthly usage report, then I will apologize and quit.  If I do (whether or not you implement my strategy is a different story) you must switch your reseller and donate $5 to my buddy Brett.  Email me and put in the subject line “Friendly wager with SPLA Man” so I know.  Disclaimer below.

Thanks for reading,



Disclaimer  -This is a free site used to help educate the community.  For all use rights as it pertains to SPLA, I must defer to everyone’s friend…the SPUR.   I will also not force you to switch resellers or donate anything. I will defnitely not quit; Mrs. SPLA Man would leave me for CSP Man.  (I think she may have eyes on him already, I’ve heard he’s doing quite well for himself).  It’s a friendly wager meant to help educate you.  Don’t sue me.  I  spend my weekends writing about SPLA licensing, I have enough problems already. 



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One response to “Wake Up SPLA Providers…It’s time to change your thinking.

  1. Dangerousfish

    February 25, 2016 at 9:51 am

    I fell hook line and sinker for this obvious bait and managed to make £1000 a day working from home!

    Just kidding, but it’s seriously worthwhile giving SPLA Man a quick email. I’ve done so and we’re currently looking at some massive savings thanks to his advice.


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