New Hosting Model to help CSP Direct Partners

30 Aug

A new “license-included hosting” solution will allow CSP Direct Bill partners the ability to pre-build hosted desktop (and server) applications that they can sell to customers including CSP. It will also allow end customers that have previously purchased CSP licenses to bring their licenses to a partners data center.

The Qualified Multitenant Hosting (QMTH) program is being replaced by the new “CSP-Hoster”. As mentioned in the article hosters will not need unique keys from each end customer to deploy, this reduces time and streamlines installation. Currently, this program is only eligible for CSP Direct partners, but they did give hints the program will eventually be offered for everyone. That would be a great move.

Other news mentioned in the article:

Longer-term hosted solutions for CSP that will included one or three year subscriptions for RDS, Windows Server, SQL. Nothing mentioned for SPLA specific products.

New Virtual Core Licensing for Windows Server option that will allow customers the ability to elect to license Windows Server by the number of virtual cores instead of the physical hardware. They used the word “elect” indicating you can still license by the physical cores.

Virtualize Windows 10 or Windows 11 simplification that will allow any user with a M365 F3, M365E3, or M365 E5 license the ability to virtualize WIndows 10 or 11 on their own server or on outsourcers (hoster) servers (except AWS, Google, Alibaba and other Listed Providers). The big news is they no longer will need a qualified operating system (like the pro editions) without the need for ANY additional licenses.

Greater flexibility for outsourcing: Expanding Software Assurance benefits or subscription license will be able to use their own licensed software to build and install solutions and run on any outsourcers’ infrastructure (non Listed Provider) dedicated or shared! Your customer has Windows Server licenses with SA? bring them to your datacenter.

SPLA Mans opinion? This is huge news. Finally, I believe hosters have a lot of options that were previously restricted. Windows Server installed on shared infrastructure? Finally! CSP Hosted options? Yes! There’s still a lot to digest, we will be reviewing these and A LOT more in the coming days. Have a question? Email us at

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2 responses to “New Hosting Model to help CSP Direct Partners

  1. Taisto Niskanen

    August 31, 2022 at 1:57 am

    Do you know yet if the “Flexible Virtualization benefit” works without QMTH / CSP-Hoster rights?

    I am wondering if smaller service providers using SPLA (but without QMTH / CSP-Hoster rights) can get rid of Office SPLA licenses if customers’ users have like “Microsoft 365 Business Premium” or “Office 365 E3” licenses? I recall that benefit was previously only for QMTH companies.

    Oh, thanks for your awesome blog!

    • MS Licensing

      September 12, 2022 at 7:07 am

      At this time it is still CSP Direct partners only from what was communicated


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