Microsoft SPLA Audit Support

29 Apr

Article update: We created a new website called MSCloudlicensing to help SPLA and CSP partners understand the different program options and use rights available to them. The site is designed to be a collaborative platform,  which includes a forum to ask and answer licensing questions, document library, and licensing articles.  It’s more in depth than a simple blog. Check it out, it’s free! 

Document Library: Easy to read whitepapers on licensing and best practices. What really happens in an audit? How are other service providers handling CSP and Azure? AWS licensing?

Forum: Experts always review and answer your licensing questions.

Articles: Most of the articles you are used to reading and many more on CSP, Azure, AWS, and other cloud providers.

It’s Microsoft’s fiscal year end, which means it’s time for the auditors to dust off their pens and pocket protectors to find out which SPLA partners are under licensed, over licensed (yeah right) or misunderstood (every SPLA customer that has ever signed a SPLA agreement) the license use rights.  If you need assistance, please let us know! and we can help you navigate the treacherous waters called Microsoft licensing.

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