Glimpse inside the world of Dynamics Hosting

29 Sep

So you are a Dynamics hoster right? (GP, NAV, AX, etc.)  What are the odds that you’ve received 5 different answers to the same question?  Guessing good to very good.  I’ll take that bet!  Here’s a list of things I’ve learned over the years when reviewing Dynamics scenarios.

  1. Dynamics is expensive.  No doubt about this one.  Most Dynamics deployments require SharePoint, Exchange, SQL, Windows, RDS, Office, and of course Dynamics.
  2. You have to be Dynamics authorized in order to host it.  Yep, that’s right.  You have to hold the credentials or partner with someone who does.
  3. Dynamics is NOT license mobility eligible.  I think that is actually good news for hoster’s.  In order for you to host a customer owned Dynamics license it must be 100% physically dedicated, something Azure does not offer.
  4. You can only downgrade to the previous version.  Unlike other SPLA products, Dynamics only allows you to downgrade from 2015 to let’s say 2013.  No, you cannot downgrade to 2010.  This is in the SPUR.
  5. You must complete the Dynamics registration process in order to retrieve license keys and media.
  6. Resellers do not have access to Partner Source.
  7. No one understands how Dynamics partners get recognition.
  8. You have to report twice – once to your reseller, the other to Microsoft Dynamics team.
  9. I am the only one on this planet that has a basic understanding of Dynamics and SPLA.
  10. Need more information?  Contact

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One response to “Glimpse inside the world of Dynamics Hosting

  1. Piaras MacDonnell (@piarasmacdonnel)

    September 30, 2015 at 8:01 am

    Great post on the restrictions on hosted Dynamics

    and point 9 is so modest 😉


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