Microsoft Dynamics and Office Mobility Rights

01 Nov

Here’s a great article from Linda Rosencrance (writer from  You can read her article and her interview from a SPLA guru (aka me) and other hosting providers. It’s a great resource, especially for Dyanmics hosters.  The article is titled “Microsoft Dynamics ERP SPLA customers punished by lack of Office license mobility, hosting partners say”  Here is the link for those interested (Click here)  You must create a free log in.

I wouldn’t say “punished” because that insinuates you did something wrong.  You didn’t do anything wrong (unless you flat out don’t report).  I’ve always said that service providers need to change their game.  As quoted in the article “don’t focus on what you can’t do…focus what you CAN do.”  That’s what I’m here for; to help uncover what you can do that no one else has.  To quote my old coach “let’s do this!”



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