Why I write this blog…

19 Sep

Just a note to thank you for taking the time over the last year to read my ramblings on the Microsoft SPLA program. I’ve been asked from time to time as to why I write this blog.  I do it for two reasons –

1. I hear what service provider’s tell me, the questions you ask, and how you want to be compliant.  There’s A LOT of misinformation out there. VDI is a great example…and no, this is still not possible under SPLA :).  I’ve been doing this for what seems like decades – I know the licensing (not all of it…I am human) but I am an advocate. I want you to succeed.

2. I simply like to do it.  Odd right? I enjoy complex licensing scenarios and figuring out a solution.  (I also like easy scenarios too).

I am not perfect.  Mrs. SPLA Man would also agree. But I really appreciate all the kind words and feedback. Last, sorry for the ads. I don’t make a dime from them.  Guess it’s a WordPress thingy.  Maybe I can get a freebie if I give them licensing advice.  WordPress – who manages your SPLA?  Do you host using Windows?  Always selling…



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