Microsoft Audit Support

03 Mar

There’s a new service called SAM for SPLA.  Every day I get asked about a tool or a resource to help manage SPLA environments.  There are two types of SPLA audit support:

  1. Audit Prevention – If you are having trouble tracking SPLA usage each month, this is an opportunity to partner with us to help manage the process and ensure what you are reporting is accurate.  Yes, we can review your reporting, but that doesn’t do us any good if we don’t know what you are submitting is accurate.
  2. Audit Support – Don’t go through an audit alone; don’t go through it with someone else either.   As soon as you hire outside legal counsel, the vendor will go right to their legal as well.  That’s why it’s best to work with someone behind the scenes where you control the outcome, not a lawyer.  There are a ton of resources and SAM practices out there in the world; very few actually work with SPLA.

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